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Two Unique New Scents No One Else Will Have

By Klaudia Tirico / March 31, 2015
If you’re starting to get bored with the same old fruity-floral designer and celebrity fragrances, you’re not alone. I was one of those people who loved really sweet scents in bougie pink bottles, but now that I’ve grown up a bit, finding a unique scent in a clean bottle has become my top priority. These two brand new EDPs are my latest finds, and I guarantee no one else you know has even heard of them. 

Original by Anja Rubik 

Polish model Anja Rubik has her own scent now, and it’s nothing like any other floral celebrity fragrance you’ve encountered. Original by Anja Rubik is focused around notes of lily, but the blend of woodsy and amber notes basically balances out the girliness and adds a tough, confident aroma to the mix. After the top notes fade a bit, you start to get a zesty whiff of green tea and peppercorn that feel super fresh and cool. 
The packaging is just as cool as the potion inside. The classic, rectangular cube is partially painted with a matte white finish, which reminds me of a really chic negative space mani. Plus, it doesn’t get any cooler than a simple black and white color palette. 
Original by Anja Rubik ($110) is available a Barney's New York.  


If you’re looking for more than just a great smelling fragrance, and want to really feel something when you take a whiff, 0.2 is for you. This unisex scent embodies the sensation of love at first sight – a feeling that occurs in just 0.2 seconds (hence the name). Founder Holly Riddel create the scent, blended with notes of Italian bergamot, spearmint, Tunisian amber and oak moss, to inspire the wearer to reach their destiny. 
The fragrance starts off strong and masculine, but once it settles into skin, you get a creamy aroma of vanilla that just makes you melt. I personally love it because it’s a far cry from feminine but light enough for a woman to wear confidently. It truly smells different on everyone. 
2.0 Eau de Parfum Spray ($120/100ml, $80/50ml, $40/7.5ml) is available at Fred Segal Melrose and online at 0point2.com