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We can’t get enough of shiny new beauty launches, but sometimes the time-tested products deserve the spotlight.

Madeline Poole, Sally Hansen’s Global Color Ambassador, let’s use take a peek inside her chic Chloe crossbody.

This desk drawer emergency kit is essential to making a flawless transition from work to cocktails. Here are six items we recommend.

Once you try these, you won't go back to drugstore puffs. We found them in makeup kits of the world’s top beauty pros.

I don’t usually get psyched about eye treatments, because I’m a cranky skeptic with certain categories. I just throw on sunglasses and pretend my pillowy undereyes don’t exist. (Admittedly, not a solid beauty strategy.) But Drunk Ele...read more >>
Polly Blitzer
So here we are, mid-pandemic. Late one night, I ordered an at-home hair-removal laser to take on my underarm stubble once and for all. If you're like me, then you've been wondering whether at-home laser hair removal works, and if home-base...read more >>
Polly Blitzer
Photo: Getty Images   Let’s face it: Our beauty routines create a ton of waste, whether it’s the packaging that houses our mascara or the water we wash down the drain while we wait for our conditioner to soak in. But small...read more >>
It’s the truth that creating a makeup look that’s subtle and naturally pretty is way harder than going all-out over the top (just look at all those overdone #brows on Instagram if you need proof). Which is why Jennifer Aniston’s makeup a...read more >>
  I'm an extreme proponent of the accent nail. When you can't decide on a piece of jewelry to wear, you need at least one super sparkly or fun nail to act as your accessory. And which nail you choose to steal the show says everyt...read more >>
  Our series on industry lingo lets you expand your beauty vocabulary.   Doe foot /doh/ [foo t]   1. The hoof of a female deer.   2. The applicator on your lip gloss.    Makeup artists and packagi...read more >>

"A woman's perfume tells more about her than her handwriting." -Christian Dior