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Are Teens Really Using Lip Balm on Their Eyes to Get “High”? + More of the Week’s Best Links

By Wendy Rodewald-Sulz / April 25, 2014

Seriously? According to a local news report in Oklahoma, there’s a “viral trend” called beezin’ which involves teens putting Burt’s Bees lip balm on their eyelids to get “high.” Apparently the peppermint oil in the balm feels tingly on lids. [The Atlantic]
Vogue asked top trainers to recommend a workout plan to get in shape for the Met Gala, because donning a gigantic heavy gown is like “wearing a weighted vest around all night,” according to Kate Upton’s trainer, David Kirsch. [Vogue]
Forget the silicone cutlets. Here’s the grown woman’s guide to stuffing your bra. [The Cut]
All the experts agree: aging begins at 29 (cue the sad trombone). Here’s what you can do about it now. [Byrdie]
Should you be using conditioner on your eyebrows? Maybe! [XO Vain]