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Did This Model Really Freeze Her Face?

By Klaudia Tirico / December 18, 2012

Phot by Mat Szwajkos for Beauty Blitz

Cara Delevingne is known as the face of Burberry's Beauty campaign. And you've also see her impossibly flawless face on dozens of runways. But how does she prep for fashion week? The answer may surprise you. Cara told HarpersBazaar.com that she gets a Venus Freeze Facial to prep her skin for the hectic month of fashion shows. "I did a Venus Freeze Facial before fashion week, which tightens your skin and feels amazing," she told the site.

The treatment is a combination of pulse magnetic fields and radio frequency that raise the tempurature of the skin. The result is controlled (and painless) thermal damage that gets the skin to repair itself and produce new collagen. A layer of glycerin is applied on the face, followed by passes of a warming hand device for 30 minutes. While it doesn't freeze your face, it does significantly tighten aging, saggy skin. Results are visible right after the treatment, which is why celebrities and models swear by it before major events.