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This Watercolor Manicure Will Give You Art Class Nostalgia

By Margaret Fisher / October 16, 2014

Beauty nowadays seems to be all about nostalgia for childhood arts and crafts. Everywhere you look someone is chalking their hair, accenting their eyelids with chunky glitter, or stringing their ponytail with pom poms
But what's the nail art equivalent? If your typical painted nail design isn't crafty and nostalgia-inducing enough for you, it's time to try watercolor nails. 
Start by painting your nails white. I used my trusty Sally Hansen Hard To Get. Now choose three to five polishes as your "watercolors". I've found neon and pastel shades always work great for this technique. For my manicure I went with a pastel purple theme and used Morgan Taylor Dress Up, China Glaze In A Lily Bit, OPI Sparrow Me The Drama, and Finger Paints Springtime Bloom.
Start adding random dots of one of your polishes to one nail at a time, before quickly following with a small nail art brush (a paintbrush always works too) dipped in acetone to blend out the polish dots and create the watercolor effect. Once you've done this on each of your nails, start repeating these steps, layering dots in different colors. 
And that's it! You've created a watercolor masterpiece, without a cup of questionably colored water left to clean up.
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