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Val Garland Shows Us How to Get Bold Lashes Without the Clumps

By Klaudia Tirico / September 5, 2013

The final look at BCBG Maxazria featured crisp, polished skin, a nude pout, mascara and natural waves.

We were backstage at BCBG Maxazria scoping out the effortless hair and makeup created by Val Garland for Sephora and Laurent Philippon for Bumble and bumble, but what really had us giddy was Val's major tip on layering mascara (she used three different types for the show!).

Applying layers and layers of mascara (let alone three different formulas) will, without a doubt, cause serious clumps. To get mega, Kardashian lashes, Val insists you go out and buy a fan brush and keep a brow brush on hand.

"Load a fan brush with mascara and get it really close into the lash line, it makes the lashes look thicker without looking like Tammy Faye Baker. The mascara will create an invisible line close to the lash line that makes the lashes look a lot thicker."


Val recommends placing the fan brush very close to the root and gently wiggling it. "But the more you wiggle, the more wonky it will look," she says. So keep the wiggling to a minimum and try dabbing the brush on your lash line instead.

And if you end up with any clumps, simple take a brow brush and pull out excess mascara.

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