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Ditch Your Lipstick This Summer for This Genius New Product

By Wendy Rodewald-Sulz / May 19, 2015

Topshop Lip Ombre in Baffle

If you’ve ever had a lipstick melt in your bag, you know why I tend to avoid them when the weather heats up (there’s basically nothing sadder than opening up your new Tom Ford shade to find a puddle where its crisp bullet should be). Lipstick also tends to look a bit too done with the no-makeup makeup looks that work best with sundresses and cutoffs.
Both of these reasons are why I’m shelving my red lipstick collection for the season and stashing Topshop’s new Lip Ombre ($14) in my bag instead. The product inside the two-color compacts is like nothing I’ve used on my lips before — somewhere between a matte lip color and a stain, but with a unique cream-to-powder finish that leaves my pout looking like I just finished a cherry popsicle. Summer lip goals: complete. The color wears for hours and feels like there’s nothing on my lips, which means I can get down with all the BBQ I can handle without worrying about smearing my makeup.
So where does the “ombre” part come in? The two shades are coordinated to let you use the darker one as a base and the lighter one in the center to create a sort of optical illusion to fake fuller lips. Tapping the two shades on with your finger is much easier than messing around with Kylie Jenner’s complicated lip contouring routine. And I would argue the effect is much prettier, too. 
The compacts come in four shades: Astound (cerise/light pink), Curious (deep plum/lilac), Perplex (deep red/coral) and, my favorite, Baffle (burgundy/red).