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This All-in-One Serum is Like a Fruit Salad for Your Face

By Klaudia Tirico / October 6, 2014
Beauty standards differ depending on where you are in the world, and so do the products that promise to make you prettier. In our Globetrotter series, we highlight our weirdest and most worthwhile finds from overseas.
Asian skincare regimens tend to have, like, 10 to 12 steps. That kind of ritual is not always realistic when it comes to our busy, hectic lives. Luckily, this all-in-one serum from Korean beauty brand TheYeon promises to cut down your time in front of the mirror by a few steps. 
The Jeju Hallabong Energy Mild All-in-One Serum is infused with a fruit salad of ingredients like kiwi, broccoli and aloe vera; but the star ingredient is a special type of orange that is only cultivated in the Jeju Island. This juicy fruit is loaded with vitamin C and, when combined with the other ingredients, will replenish, soften and protect skin. It’s like an essence, emulsion and serum in one! 
The liquid-y serum sinks into skin in seconds, leaving a light, protective film that holds moisture in. Don’t worry, you won’t feel it. It should be used morning and night on a clean face. The tacky finish makes for a great makeup primer, too! 
TheYeon Jeju Hallabong Energy Mild All-in-One Serum ($20) is available at Memebox