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If You Sit at a Desk All Day, This Massage is For You

By Klaudia Tirico / March 20, 2015

If you’re like me, you spend most of your days sitting at a computer. You may not realize it, but it’s probably taking a toll on your back. That’s why Haven Spa in NYC's SoHo is offering a new kind of massage just for people who spend their days at a desk: The Geek Massage. I had the opportunity to try it this week and I’m still on cloud nine. 
The Geek Massage is basically a deep tissue massage and assisted yoga in one. It relies on intense therapeutic stretching and targeted deep tissue work to get all those knots out and relieve the tension in your back, shoulders, neck, head and arms. 
The minute I laid down on the table, my masseuse Laura did not hold back. The rub down was intense, but in the best way possible. She kneaded my back as if it were a big fat pile of dough ready to be molded into a loaf of bread. But it got better. After about 15 minutes of upper and lower back work, Laura took my arms one by one and began twisting and stretching. She even stuck her knee under my shoulder with my arm behind my back and went to town on my shoulder blades. See what I mean about it kind of being like yoga? For the record, it was way better than any Bikram or ashtanga class I’ve ever taken. 
Later, Laura had me flip over on my back to help open up my chest. I don’t know about you, but I have a habit of slouching when I’m sitting at my desk, and this part of the massage really straightened me out. But the best part was left for last: the head massage. O-M-G was I in heaven. Laura rubbed down every inch of my head, touching points that had me sinking into oblivion. This was easily one of the best and most relaxing rub downs I’ve ever gotten. I’ve been floating on air ever since I stepped out of Haven. 
The Geek Massage also comes with a set of T Spheres, which are “purified aromatherapy infused rubber massage balls,” for you to take home. Your masseuse might even use them on you during your session first. I keep mine in my bag to relieve tension while on the go. 
The Geek Massage is now available at Haven Spa (150 Mercer Street, New York City) for $135 for 60 minutes. Call 212-343-3515 to make an appointment.