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Tie One On: “Stringy” Hair is Becoming a Trend

By Wendy Rodewald-Sulz / July 29, 2014
There's a new way to add color to your hair, and it doesn’t involve dye. Everywhere we look lately, we see stylists finding new ways to incorporate colorful pieces of yarn, string and fabric into hair. But these aren’t the cheesy hair wraps you got at Six Flags back in the ‘90s.
The cool UK salon and Instagram fave, Bleach London, has been creating what they call “hair tapestries” by weaving multicolored embroidery thread into hair. The rectangular designs remind us of friendship bracelets — the really intricate, woven ones that we never quite mastered back in middle school. 
But the trend has been going for a few months now, ever since Chanel models pushed shopping carts down the supermarket themed Fall 2014 runway while wearing dreadlocks made of yarn and tweed fabric scraps in their ponytails. “I exaggerated a simple pony and blew it up in proportion and detail, incorporating crimped extensions, braided hair in multicoloured Chanel tweed rags, lace and pearls,” hairstylist Sam McKnight wrote on Instagram after the show back in March. And just this week, Nasty Gal posted a new lookbook featuring another model with a similar style.
Throughout all of this, Free People has been stocking the hair accessory department of their website with all kinds of stringy things to stick in your strands. There are tassels to weave into braids, clip-in hair wraps and even some seriously Chanel-like extensions that cost $128 — because staying on top of trends isn’t cheap. Maybe just hit up a craft store?

A model wears string in her hair for a Nasty Gal lookbook (left); yarn dreadlock extensions from Free People.