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What It's Like to Get a DIY Tattoo + More of the Week’s Best Links

By Wendy Rodewald-Sulz / February 6, 2015

Photo: via xoVain

Stick and poke tattoos are totally trendy, but what does it actually feel like to get inked by hand instead of with a machine? Here’s a first-person account. Maybe try this at home? [xoVain]

We’ve already talked about visible lip liner. So, are French tips cool again, too? [Into the Gloss]
Peek inside makeup mogul Bobbi Brown’s home, complete with her favorite products and cool lab samples from her own beauty line. [The Coveteur]
JCPenney’s in-store hair salons are rebranding with the help of InStyle magazine. The Salon by InStyle will launch in 15 locations this year. [Racked]
Creepy or cool? Here’s a brief history of art made with human hair, from Victorian mourning jewelry to contemporary sculpture. [The Hairpin]