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Pick of the Week: Serum That Lifts Spirits - And Skin

By Polly Blitzer / June 13, 2012

This La Prairie serum gives my face a youthful, rested look that I never imagined possible with two newborn babies. I really thought once I became a mom, I'd be doomed to dull, sallow, lifeless skin. Wrong! A couple pumps of this formula before bedtime, and I wake up looking like I came back from a relaxing vacation. I reliably wake up with softer, firmer, more glowing skin. And dare I type it...my fine lines look a lot less noticeable. I love packaging with a purpose: check out the peek-a-boo bottle, which lets you glimpse inside the iconic silver and blue cylinder to see pearly Skin Caviar beads. They’re housed in a separate chamber from the anti-wrinkle peptide solution, reminiscent of that 90s toothpaste, so when you pump out product, the ingredients combine and activate, creating a seriously potent anti-aging cocktail. I believe in making smart investments. And this serum will increase your returns on gorgeous skin.