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Pick of the Week: Best Super-Sized Spa Goodies

By Kaitlyn Dreyling / May 21, 2012

I love Bliss Spa! From the scent that permeates all Bliss Spa locations and the Blissage 75 (seriously best massage, ever!) to the "spa-tacular" products and clever packaging, I'm completely smitten. After my last Blissage, I took a shower in the locker room and made sure to lather up with the signature Lemon + Sage Soapy Suds and finished everything off with a generous layer of the complementing Lemon + Sage Body Butter. As I was about to check out, I just couldn't resist taking home my own set of the Bliss classic duo. And now I am honestly obsessed. It's as close to recreating a Bliss Spa in my bathroom as I can get. Not only do the Soapy Suds (obviously!) smell amazing, but they actually hydrate and soften my skin - I can feel it even in the shower! Plus, I love the fact it comes in a pump bottle...just like the spa. And the body butter is rich, but it surprising absorbs into my skin quickly and doesn't leave me feel too sticky, just hydrated and glowing. And you can grab this duo in a super-sized pack, so it's economical, too!

Bliss I like Big "Butter" and I Cannot Lie, $67.