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Simple Sexy at Max Azria - NYFW Fall 2011

By Kaitlyn Dreyling / February 14, 2011

Much like the look at BCBG, the beauty look for Max Azria included a ponytail, nude nails and an easy makeup look.

Makeup: Charlotte Willer for Maybelline

"The inspiration for the makeup was the girl who is cool but still likes to be a little sexy without being overdone," explained Sonya Watson from Maybelline. "So because of that, the makeup is a simple." Makeup artist Charlotte Willer created the look, which focuses on a soft grey eyeshadow across the lid, no mascara and a nude lip. "The key element is definitely the eyes," Sonya said. "And that's something that the woman at home could just dab on with the finger. For the shows we use a brush, but at home you can do it with a finger, as long as its blended well. It gives a softer touch and it makes it more worn in."

Hair: Neil Moodie for Bumble & Bumble

"The clothes have elements of men's tailoring, so there are masculine shapes amongst the collection," explained Neil. "We've gone for something with the hair that's sort of tom boyish, but at the same time there's an element of beauty to it." He created a sleek pony that sits just below the crown of the head. The key to the look is making sure that it's sleek and that there are no flyaways. He first blow dried the hair to get it smooth, and then used a paddle brush sprayed with Spray de Mode to ensure a smooth look and finished it with a spritz of Shine for extra gloss. "So it's quit high," Neil said. "And when the girls walk it'll move a little."

Nails: Renee Meyers for OPI


"The color is Samoan Sand," said Renee. "It's just going to mimic the skin tone and be really, really shiny. They just look like a beautiful fresh natural nail." She used just one coat to keep it sheer and to help it
dry quicker.