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Bet You've Never Seen a Mascara Wand Like This Before

By Klaudia Tirico / January 14, 2014

As a beauty editor, I have experienced my share of unique mascara wands. From corkscrews to heart shapes, I thought I'd seen it all — but Sephora has proved me wrong. Their new Upside Down Mascara ($22) takes the cake for most unique wand the beauty world has ever seen. 


When I took a first look at this tweezer-shaped mascara, I almost thought it was a joke. It's actually genius. The unique dual brush can be used three different ways. (Can you say, "bang for your buck?") 


Squeeze the two brushes together to make one mega, lengthening and curling wand; use the thinner brush on its own to define your lower lashes; or score serious volume by squeezing the wands together with your upper lashes in between. Give me another mascara that can do the job of three. 


…Yeah, I thought so. 

When I tried the latter, I was shocked to find that it didn't rip any of my lashes out! Although it gave me more of a spider-lash look, I was pleased with the results. My eyes really popped (considering I wasn't wearing my signature cat eye) and the mascara stayed put without making my lashes droop.  


Tip: make sure you wipe of excess mascara before you apply. This baby has a tendency of clumping a bit. 


The Sephora Collection Upside Down Mascara is now available at Sephore stores and Sephora.com