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A Heavy Metal Beauty Look at Rick Owens

By Wendy Rodewald-Sulz / March 5, 2015

Making craft projects out of models’ faces is totally a trend on the runways right now, but it’s still a shock to see a girl’s entire head covered in gold leaf, as models were for Rick Owens’ show in Paris today. So what’s it like to have your face wrapped up in foil like a giant Cadbury Creme Egg? Elle.com scored an interview with one of the models, who explained exactly what she had to endure for the sake of art.

“It took an hour and a half to apply,” [model Martyna] Budna said backstage. “Eventually, they told us to lie down. They used thin gold leaf and painted us, like we were pieces of canvas, with big flat brushes. They went over our skin with a face gel masque first, to hold the gold in place. But that tightened our pores too! So now I can’t really smile.”

Luckily, smiling isn’t allowed on the runway, anyway, right? And the gold leaf comes off easily with cleansing oil. At least it’s better than Legos