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Punk Princess at Mandy Coon - NYFW Fall 2011

By Kaitlyn Dreyling / February 12, 2011

Mandy Coon went for a true statement making look with a bold eye and striking hair. It's a little punk meets the graphics of the Art Deco era.

Makeup: Francelle for Nars

"The inspiration for today's look was based on Mandy's references, which were film noir meets a little bit of art deco meets a little bit of cyborg punk princess," Francelle explained. "We wanted to do something quite graphic. We kept all the structure on the left eye and then they have a very graphic hair piece that'll cover the right eye." Francelle created the bold eye look using the new Larger Than Life Long Wear Eye Liner. She made the initial line along the lash line, and then created two more striking lines in the crease and right under the eyebrow. "It kind of resembles a glass window of an art deco building," Francelle said.

Hair: Pasquale Ferrante for Ion Studio



"Basically the idea is all about mandy, the designer," Pasquale said. "The whole color, short hair cut concept came from her own look." To create the impression of a short cut, Pasquale used Rene Futeter mousse and wrapped the hair around the models' heads and pinned down the hair.

The graphic element comes in the form of a colored hair piece in the front to one side. All the girls wore a different variation in different shades ranging from yellow to purple. "It's a little new wave and a little 80s rock," Pasquale said.