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Pick of the Week: Caudalie Grape Water

January 4, 2013

Our housekeeper Mattie Sylvia Lee Myles Weems Watts, used to wake me for school by dropping a wet washcloth on my face. I hadn’t thought about that in years. Not until I spritzed my face with Caudalie Grape Water Moisturizing Spray for Sensitive Skin. It energizes in a gentler way. I tried Caudalie again later in the day after a lethal business lunch. Instantly it cooled my face and brought it to attention without annoying my make-up. Caudalie goes on icy and dries in nanoseconds. It’s a vitamin-enriched, 100% organic Arctic blast, a high-level bit of pampering that quickly becomes essential. It has no alcohol or preservatives and it’s fragrance-free. It peps you up without drying you out. Here’s a great beauty truth: When you feel refreshed, you look refreshed. This is a product I had no idea I would need or love. Suddenly it’s indispensable. –Patricia Volk

Patricia Volk is the author of the forth-coming SHOCKED: My Mother, Schiaparelli, and Me (Knopf 2013)