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Pantene Lets BB Go Straight to Your Head

By Polly Blitzer / January 30, 2013

The BB Crème category has taken our beauty closet and skincare regimen by storm over the last couple of years. And with good reason - there are many features to love about a stealth multi-tasker, aside from the fact that it shares our initials (B for Beauty, B for Blitz). 

Now before you push all BBs to the side and usher in a generation of CCs, we wanted to share some exciting news: Pantene just announced that the brand is launching a BB Crème for hair. This product (debuting in late February 2013), is the first mass-market variation of BB Crème to launch for hair.
In keeping with its skincare sisters, this hair helper is loaded with a drop-down menu of benefits to help solve 10 hair concerns.
Pantene Pro-V Ultimate 10 BB Crème provides:
1.       Repair for rough hair
2.       Strength against damage
3.       Silky Softness
4.       Brilliant Shine
5.       Smoothing
6.       Moisture
7.       Frizz Control
8.       Heat Protection
9.       Manageability
10.     Tame Flyaways
Coming soon to a drugstore near you. . .