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Now You Can Match Your Wall Paint to Your Manicure

By Wendy Rodewald-Sulz / July 14, 2014

This chihuahua approves of Don't Touch My Tutu! as a paint color.

Beauty companies have collaborated with all kinds of unlikely partners, from blue haired cartoon characters to spoiled house pets. Why not a national hardware chain? 
Nail polish brand OPI has created a new color collection with Ace Hardware that’s billing itself as “fashion’s favorite paint.” The OPI Color Palette by Clark+Kensington replicates 18 of the brand’s iconic polish shades as paint, so now your walls can wear a couple coats of OPI Red or Over the Taupe, just like your nails. Don’t Touch My Tutu!, I Eat Mainely Lobseter, Do You Lilac It? and Black Onyx are a few of the polish shades that make an appearance.
Make no mistake, this is Paint for Ladies — “glamour by the gallon,” as the marketing materials put it. The website even features a picture of a tiny dog in a purse along with some heels that have been nonchalantly kicked off under a curvy upholstered chair (lady stuff, duh). We’d be vaguely insulted if it wasn’t actually kind of pretty?