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One Reason You Shouldn't Give Your Preschooler an Emo Haircut

By Wendy Rodewald-Sulz / May 15, 2012

This kid: totally going blind. Photo by: Istockphoto

Actually, we can think of a few. But according to an optometrist quoted in Australia's Daily Telegraph, asymmetrical haircuts that cover one eye can cause vision problems.

Optometrists Association national executive member Andrew Hogan warned amblyopia - the medical term for lazy eye - could result from obstructed vision caused by hair.

“If a young emo chap has a fringe covering one eye all the time, that eye won't see a lot of detail,” Mr. Hogan said.

“And if it happens from a young age, that eye can become amblyotic.”Mr. Hogan said the most vulnerable age for visual development was birth to seven years, but research had shown vision could still be affected at later stages.

Apparently, hair that covers one eye can have the same effect as an eyepatch, which causes the covered eye's nerve pathway to the brain to develop abnormally. Get a haircut, kids!

No fringe benefits for emos as haircuts that flop over one eye could result in generation of young people with lazy eyes [The Telegraph]