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What Happens When Identical Twins Use Not-So-Identical Skincare Regimens

By Wendy Rodewald-Sulz / March 24, 2014

As a professional lab rat/beauty writer, I test products on my face like it’s my job — because it is. But it’s often hard to know when a new skincare addition is working, since even before and after photos don’t always tell the whole story (can you tell how soft someone’s complexion is from a picture? I can’t). Now a new study has found a way to show living, breathing proof of how well an anti-aging regimen really works…by using identical twins.
The scientists at Olay recruited 21 pairs of genetically identical twins aged 20 to 53 to undergo an eight week clinical study of the brand’s Pro-X anti-aging products. One twin in each set served as the control, sticking with her current skincare routine, while the other sister began using either the Pro-X by Olay Intensive Wrinkle Protocol or Tone Correcting Protocol regimen. The twins started out with similar skin issues — uneven tone, hyperpigmentation, fine lines — but after eight weeks, they weren’t so identical anymore. In 100 percent of the pairs, both sisters agreed that the one who used the Pro-X products was now the good skin twin. (Scientists also tracked results using before and after imaging, and verified a significant reduction in wrinkles and dark spots.)
The resulting split-face photos that show each twin after the eight week period are definitely striking. But don’t worry: As a consolation for serving as a real-life before picture, the control group of twins was eventually given the products to use on themselves.