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Strip Down With NCLA’s New Nudes Collection

By Klaudia Tirico / March 19, 2015

Ever since I started wearing claw-like gel extensions on my nails, I’ve noticed that my manicure color choices have slimmed down a bit. You see, with such long, dramatic tips, it just feels rather obnoxious of me to paint them neon or bold colors. I used to love rocking crazy nail art and vibrant hues on my natural, shoter nails, but now I go for the more muted color palette or a classic red. 
Nude nails are always on trend, with more and more runway shows displaying an au natural tip. The nail artists backstage always explain how a nude nail is an extension of the finger, giving the illusion of long, lean hand. And as boring as it is for me to see nude nails backstage at Fashion Week (where’s the fun in that?), I do think nude nails are forever chic. Which brings me to one of the dopest neutral nail collections I’ve seen to date: NCLA’s Nudes Collection for spring. 

The six-piece range offers a pretty spectrum of nudes, from a very pale peach, to mauve, to a deep chocolate brown. Each one looks pretty against any skintone and there are even two hues (Volume II and Volume III) that have a subtle sheen/shimmer to them. The formulas are super creamy and even the lightest hue looks completely opaque after two coats. NCLA nailed it with this collection, for real. 
The Nudes Collection ($16 each) is now available at NCLA.com.