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Nars’ Final Cut Collection Makes Pink Provocative

By Wendy Rodewald-Sulz / January 13, 2014

Pink typically isn't a color that we get excited over. If red is the color of passion, then pink is…what, exactly? The color of baby clothes? Or cupcake frosting? It's pretty, sure, but not exactly thrilling.
But starting next month, Nars is setting out to revamp the color's image with the all-pink Final Cut collection, which explores the shade's edgier side. These aren't your average rose-tinted cheek and lip colors — and with names like "Sex Fantasy," how could they be?
The collection includes:
  • Sex Fantasy Blush, $29 (pale lavender pink)
  • New Attitude Blush, $29 (cherry blossom pink)
  • Final Cut Blush, $29 (peach coral)
  • Love Blush, $29 (tea rose)
  • Stourhead Satin Lip Pencil, $25 (pale lavender pink)
  • Villa Lante Satin Lip Pencil, $25 (cherry blossom pink)
  • Torres del Paine Satin Lip Pencil, $25 (peach coral)
  • Descanso Satin Lip Pencil, $25 (tea rose)
  • Adelaïde Illuminator , $30 (shimmering lavender pink)
Available February 1, 2014 at Nordstrom and March 1, 2014 at Nars boutiques, and on narscosmetics.com.