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Naomi Watts Does Her Own Hair, Lost Beauty Contests as a Kid

By Polly Blitzer / June 9, 2011


I know, I know. With all the stylists and beauty pros dispatched to celebrity homes, it seems downright odd for a star to do her own hair. I mean, why? Lord knows if I had experts showing up at my door to spritz, dust and blend me into perfection, I wouldn't dare pick up a brush and hack away at my own mane.
So when I got to talking to Naomi Watts at a Pantene event last night, I was shocked to hear she does her own hair. For evening events. Not just to pick up produce at the farmer's market.
"The Pantene product that I really love is the mousse," Naomi said. "When I go out to theater events when someone isn't being paid to help me get ready, I might go out and get a blowdry but then there's times when I just don't have time. So I'll use the volumizing mousse for body and the volume hairspray." (She’s debuting in commercials for the brand's Flat to Volume collection this July.)

She also told me she wasn’t always the star of the show as a child:

"We're taught from such a young age, in the playground to be obsessed with hair. I remember growing up and kids were like, 'Oh, my hair is longer than yours!' and 'Her hair's the nicest!' And it's young - so young - that we learn that hair is powerful and completes you. I would never win those competitions. The ultimate irony is look where I am now."
P.S.  She doesn't use Botox. That was the beauty editor consensus on the elevator down from the event (46 floors, so we thoroughly weighed the whys and why nots). We, the editors of the beauty industry, believe that she is naturally beautiful. Naomi "No Tox" Watts.