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The Glowing Truth About My First Chemical Peel

By Klaudia Tirico / October 23, 2014

My mom is an esthetician so I’m lucky enough to score facials and microdermabrasion treatments on call. The best part is being free to complain and curse a lot during painful extractions. You can’t do that to a stranger. Anyway, she recently took some classes in chemical peels so she can start offering them to her clients at the small salon and spa she works at in New Jersey. Guess who was her practice dummy this week? This girl. All I can say is, where have chemical peels been all my life? 
This was my first chemical peel ever. Honestly, I’ve never really cared to try it thanks to Samantha Jones’ redfaced horror story in an episode of Sex and the City (you know which one I’m talking about). I know, I know. I was very naive and silly to think all chemical peels result in a beet-red massacre. So, the other day, while visiting my folks, my mom randomly blurted out, “Hey, want a chemical peel?” as we were watching TV and catching up in my dad’s man cave. It was time to put my big girl pants on and give in. 
We went upstairs and I washed off all my makeup. She whipped out her Glotherapeutics products and warned that it might sting a bit. I shrug. Stinging doesn’t scare me. I’ve been bleaching my hair for years, so the feeling of my skin being on fire is not new to me. I prepared for the worst. After she prepped my skin, she poured the emulsion on a cotton pad and started wiping my face with it gently. I began to feel a prickly sensation, which started feeling itchy in spots after a few seconds. On a scale of one to ten, the pain and irritation level was a three. Seriously! We were both shocked at how well my skin was taking it. Based on my low level of pain, she decided to apply a second layer of the peel. The results were the same; just some minor stinging and itching. I had to leave it on for a few minutes before my mom wiped it off. Easy peasy. 
The glowing results were practically instant. My skin tone looked even and my complexion was beaming. My face felt a little tight and raw, kind of like how your skin feels after a day at the beach. And, of course, my skin didn’t look anything like Samantha Jones’. My skin is usually more red after a facial than it was after this chemical peel. 
The next day, I woke up and ran to the mirror to examine my skin. It was gorgeous! My skin tone was even and luminous, and my larger-than-life pores literally shrank over night. For the first time in a very long time, I didn’t feel like I had to wear any foundation. I’ve never experienced such instant gratification after any facial treatment or product, ever. It’s now been a few days after my treatment and my skin hasn’t changed. I did notice it shedding a bit, especially in my chin area, but that’s just a natural sloughing process. Remember, you want to shed those layers of dead skin. I can’t wait for round two. 
If you're interested in the same peel I experienced, ask your esthetician or dermatologist about the Glotherapeutics Glo Glycolic Peel at 30 percent strength. (It’s also available at 60% strength.) 
Photo: Ben Hasset for Harper’s Bazaar.