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Microtrend: Bold, Boyish Brows

By Klaudia Tirico / August 6, 2013

Photo Credit: Chanel - courtesy of Chanel, Louis Vuitton - courtesy of Louis Vuitton, Hailee Steinfeld - Getty Images.

“The best way to get a fuller brow look is to tweeze and trim first. Seems odd, but removing sparse, cobweb hairs makes brows look more substantial.” - Brett Freedman
We've witnessed and tried a series of bold brow looks ranging from purple statement brows to sequined Chanel appliques. This fall, you'll be hoping for a sudden growth spurt to get the full, boyish brows. Another distinguishing factor: They're virtually archless.  This season's arches are straight with a slight point, like an the French accent aigue and accent grave.

Brett Freedman's Lush Brow Guide

Veteran brow expert gives Beauty Blitz a simple guide to perfecting - and faking - the look.

Step 1. Tweeze strays between the brows, near the temple and below the arches, without shaping them. 

Step 2. Brush your brow hairs up, and snip just the tips, where the hairs bend. To get the lush brow look, cut just tips that stick up. You don't want brows to look too polished. Brush hairs down into the arch, and snip unruly ends.

Step 3Take a brow color that's one shade lighter than your hair and fill in just behind the natural hairs. "This will look like a natural shadow of definition," Brett says. 
Step 4. Assess your "raw brow." Using light brow color (either brow pencil or powder), stroke slightly above and below hairs. Build out the tail a touch. Use a slightly deeper shade blend in any bare patches.
Tip: Don't fill downward, below the brow line and arch. Instead, open up the brow by stroking behind the hairs and focus on filling above the arch and tail. "It adds lift without dragging down the eyes. I do this on everyone from Catherine Zeta-Jones to Katy Perry."
Step 5. Blend and feather to get a soft, diffused look. Use a spoolie or clean wand from an old mascara to avoid looking too sharp. "Even if you are doing a very glammy, pin-up girl brow, you want it to be crisp," Brett adds.
Tip: Don't use eyeshadow to fill in brows. They're usually not matte, ash-based and sheer enough. If they look fine in person, they may still look unflattering in photos once the flash hits it, cautions Brett.
Step 6Brow gel is a must a "full, crisp up-and-out finish." Brushing brow hairs up looks the most natural look.
Step 7. Stand back and look at your brows in the mirror. With the deeper shade "you want to nudge and fudge the shape" to even out anything that needs balancing. Great lighting is a must.