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Rachel Antonoff-Inspired DIY Nail Art

By Kaitlyn Dreyling / May 11, 2012

Courtesy of CND. "Flirty Flower" nail design from Rachel Antonoff's Fall 2012 show.

Earlier this week, CND nail artist Candice Manacchio stopped by our offices to give us a rundown of the brand's Fall 2012 nail trends, and she gave me my very own runway-inspired manicure. I went with the "Flirty Flower" nail art design created by Candice herself for Rachel Antonoff's Fall 2012 collection.

The bold floral look was inspired by the prints in the collection. Candice showed me how to recreate a DIY design using the same colors she used for the runway nail art.

Step 1:

Paint the red base using CND Colour Flashpoint.

Step 2:

Using a thin detailing brush (you can find them at craft stores or beauty supply shops), create four V-shapes that will become petals using CND Colour Brilliant White.

Step 3:

Fill in the V's with the white nail polish.

Step 4:

Clean off your detailing brush and dip it in CND Colour Anchor Blue. Then paint the outline of the petals and add little details. Your brush strokes don't have to be perfect.

The finished look is very similar to the runway nail design, and the red, white and blue combo is perfect for Memorial Day, Fourth of July and even the Olympics. Would you wear this look as patriotic nail art?