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Is The Beauty Counter Making You Sick?

By Beauty Blitz / June 22, 2012

Who hasn't at one time or another dipped into that irresistible pink shimmery gloss at a counter? Or while browsing a boutique, have you ever tried a quick swipe of that gunmetal eye shadow everyone said you had to have? Maybe you haven't. Your inner germaphobe got the best of your beauty impulses. If you fall into the latter category of beauty shoppers, you're a lucky gal. Good Morning America just did an undercover study and found that everything from mold to dangerous bacteria live in sample products at counters.

20% of the beauty counter samples tested showed significant growth of dangerous substances like yeast, mold or fecal matter.

So next time you feast your eyes on this season's hottest hues, think twice before taking a swipe. Oh, and those free makeovers? No, grazie.