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Musicians Have the Best Hair + More of the Week’s Best Links

By Wendy Rodewald-Sulz / February 14, 2014

V Magazine’s Music Issue features four different covers, each with some seriously amazing hair on the likes of Lorde, the ladies of Haim and more. [V Magazine]
Don’t have a Valentine? You can rent one. But first read this story of a writer who brought a male escort from Rent-a-Gent (that’s an actual company) to a fashion party. [StyleCaster]
Apparently Olympic athletes’ butts are so stacked (with muscle!) that they can’t find jeans that fit. [New York Times]
In this trippy time-lapse video, a woman uses makeup to age, die and be reborn as an animal. Pretty amazing. [Refinery29]
New York may ban facial scrubs with microbeads, since the plastic particles don’t dissolve and end up polluting waterways. Researchers found thousands of beads in a small sample of “green sludge” from Lake Erie. [ABC News]
This post perfectly sums up the way we feel every time we see yet another runway show with “no-makeup makeup.” [The Cut]