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How to Have the Cleanest Hair Ever

By Wendy Rodewald-Sulz / January 23, 2014

It’s amazing how collectively obsessed we are with hair washing. There’s the camp that equates skipping a shampoo as a mortal, filthy sin. Then there are those that will do anything to prolong a blowout just one more day, whether it’s blowing off a personal trainer or sleeping propped up, all Weekend at Bernie’s-style. Some people are convinced that shampoo will have some sort of kryptonite-like effect on both their hair and their health, so they do insane things like bathe in apple cider vinegar and write about it on the internet. We use shampooing as a metaphor for sex (those “oh-oh-oh” commercials) and as an excuse to avoid it (“Sorry, I’m washing my hair”).
Shampoo and conditioner are like mascara in that most of us have trouble staying monogamous. Pretty much any product will get the job done, but so few formulas are truly life-changing that we’re always looking for the next one to fall for — and then pretty soon, we’re over that one, too.
The people at Living Proof would say the reason for this perpetual dissatisfaction is that most shampoos and conditioners are more or less the same. Many formulas use silicone as a key ingredient because it makes hair shiny and smooth, at least temporarily. But silicone also deposits a coating that can build up over time and leave hair looking dull and flat. (This is what happens when your hair “gets used to” shampoo.) If you’re at all familiar with the company (or its ads featuring good hair poster woman Jennifer Aniston), then you might have heard of its proprietary OFPMA molecule, which it uses in place of silicone in almost all of its products. This molecule is the secret sauce that powers the brand’s new Perfect Hair Day Shampoo and Conditioner — A.K.A. my hair’s new BFFs.
See, my hair gets really dirty. By the time I wash every other day or two, my head has accumulated no fewer than six styling products and sweat from two workouts (one of them, roller derby practice, involves wearing a steamy helmet), plus whatever grime I’ve picked up on the subway or by constantly touching my hair. Even after I rinse and repeat, my waves can still feel like they’re coated in a thin film of gunk. 
But the PHD duo leaves my strands feeling squeaky clean, and not in that stripped of all essential moisture sort of way. My hair just somehow feels lighter and more balanced — not too dry, not too oily. Apparently, that magical OFPMA molecule creates a “frictionless shield” around the hair that repels dirt, oil and buildup. The bottles say the formulas can help you go longer between washes, but I’ll settle for less greasy-looking hair on my non-shampoo days. I’m not some kind of obsessive or anything.