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See Kate Moss Get “Mussed Up” Hair Behind the Scenes of Her New Campaign

By Wendy Rodewald-Sulz / June 5, 2014

Photo by: Sam Faulkner

Hair that looks perfectly imperfect is the holy grail of styles, but much like no-makeup-makeup, it’s not easy to get right. (Why else would fashion shows require a team of 20 hair stylists to make models look like they’ve just rolled out of bed?) Kate Moss, over her 20-plus year career, has managed to epitomize the cool, nonchalant look that the rest of us merely aspire to. So it makes sense that Kérastase Paris chose the supermodel to front the campaign for the haircare brand’s Couture Styling line, a collection of products designed with carefree French girl texture in mind. The campaign, which is celebrating its one year anniversary with a new ad featuring Moss, is unique in the landscape of hair product ads that feature perfectly styled, swooshing manes. Kate’s hair is a little bit grittier — and that’s, of course, why we love her for it. 

A preview of the new campaign.

The new campaign debuts this summer with ads photographed by Solve Sundbo in Paris. Kérastase Artistic Director Luigi Murenu once again styled Kate’s hair for the shoot, this time using Brigitte Bardot as a reference. “The Brigitte Bardot ‘mussed-up’ 60’s look is both quintessentially French and completely universal. Kate Moss is the Brigitte Bardot of today,” says Murenu. “She epitomizes the freedom that every woman wants.”
The newest Couture Styling products roll out this summer with three new offerings: Laque Noire, a micro-diffusion finishing spray; V.I.P., a texturizing spray; and Baume Double Je, an extra workable defining balm. Kate Moss’ rock and roll attitude is not included — you’ll have to perfect that all on your own.