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Karlie Kloss’ Haircut Controversy

By Polly Blitzer / November 7, 2012

Photos: Polly Blitzer

Just two days before she was slated to appear as her Angel altergo at the Victoria's Secret annual fashion show, Karlie Kloss clipped her wings. OK, her hair, which is just as essential to those celestial creatures. Garrren did the honors on Monday before a photoshoot.

Karlie showed up this morning with a shaggy Alexis Chung-style bob and bangs. Had it not been for the din of hairdryers around the room, you could have heard beauty editors gasp. Sure, it looks stunning, but how could she walk with a bob?

Fret not, dear beauty friends. With a table full of clip-in hair extensions (see inset), Karlie's bob transformed into those angel-worthy waves we know and covet.