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Iggy Azalea Makes a Case for Resurrecting Our Old Hair Chalk

By Klaudia Tirico / May 18, 2015

Remember the hair chalk you used to ease you into fantasy hair colors? Well, it’s time to bring it back. We’ve been pushing the limits on rainbow hair with semi-permanent dyes and Manic Panic for so long that we’ve forgotten how cool it looks to just add a touch of pastel color to the ends of our hair. 

At last night’s Billboard Music Awards, Iggy Azalea debuted a new look, complete with a buttery long bob jazzed up with bubblegum pink tips. Suddenly, we had an urge to look for our old pink hair chalk again. The way the two hues complemented each other, as well as Azalea’s glowing complexion, was simply dreamy. 

As much as we love a full head of a pretty pastel hue, sometimes going back to something a little less bold makes an even bigger statement. Thanks for the reminder, Iggy!

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