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The Best News About Frozen Margaritas You’ll Read All Summer

By Wendy Rodewald-Sulz / May 28, 2014

Have you heard of the Ice Diet? It sounds ridiculous, but the diet — which involves eating ice cubes — is based on real science. The idea for the diet came to Dr. Brian Weiner, a New Jersey gastroenterologist and assistant professor at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, while he was on an Italian ice kick and realized that the calorie count on his frozen dessert cup didn’t take into account the energy required to melt the ice. Translation? The 100-calorie Italian ice only results in a net gain of 72 calories, because the body burns thermal energy while you eat it. This finding applies to any icy food, including Slurpees, frozen margaritas, and ice pops. Um, amazing.
In his e-book The Ice Diet, Dr. Weiner recommends ingesting one liter of ice per day, which burns about 160 calories — the equivalent of running one mile. He suggests making ice pops or frozen drinks with calorie-free flavoring, or simply sucking on cubes. The calorie deficit isn’t huge, but it can add up to about one pound of weight loss per month — plus, having ice in your mouth all day means you can’t fill it with, say, candy instead.
We personally prefer our ice spiked with booze and sugar, but we’re still going to take this idea as good news. Obviously, bingeing on frozen drinks and Italian ices all summer isn’t going to make anyone look more svelte in a bikini, but now we can at least feel a little better about it. 
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