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A 5-Minute Blood Splatter Manicure for Halloween Procrastinors

By Margaret Fisher / October 24, 2014

Picture this: It's October 30th and you've found yourself without a costume, contemplating cutting eye holes in a sheet. It seems like a no-win situation, but in actuality you can showcase your Halloween spirit without ruining your bed linens. 
Skip the last minute costume, and go for a last minute manicure. You can achieve just the right amount of spookiness with this five-minute blood splatter design. In order to channel your inner Dexter you'll need a white polish (Sally Hansen Hard to Get), a red polish (Essie A-List), and a straw. 
Before you can create a crime scene-worthy splatter you need to paint your nails with the white polish. Then place a few drops of red polish on a palette (paper works great as a makeshift one) and dip one end of your straw into the polish. The polish should form a thin bubble over the opening of the straw. If you have trouble getting the bubble to form, chances are you need to be using more polish. After dipping the straw, quickly aim it at one of your nails and blow into the opposite end. Repeat until you've achieved the perfect amount of gore on each of your nails. 
Once you've splattered to your heart's content, simply clean up the excess "blood" (or skip this step for an extra creepy look) and you're Halloween-ready.