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Cool Hair Technique at Charlotte Ronson Spring 2013

By Polly Blitzer / September 8, 2012


Photo: Courtesy of Aveda

Backstage beauty primping is always an Olympic race, with models showing up moments before the show starts. They often can't help it, between delays at previous shows and NYC traffic. So beauty pros backstage conveive styles with quick execution in mind. 

Why, then, would Aveda's hair team create curls, and then flatten them? Sounds counterintuitive. But it's actually an effective way to add a bit of bend to strands without getting contrived, well-articulated curls.

Hairstylist Jon Reyman and his team of Aveda hairstylists wound tendrils of hair around two fingers, then pressed each coil of hair with a flat iron for a few seconds. They prepped hair with Aveda Control Force Firm Hold Hair Spray to help hold the wave. The result: easy, relaxed bends in the hair. The overall goal was to give hair an "unaffected" texture reminiscent of young girls living in the Eighties in NYC. 

With soft bends and a matte finish, it strikes just the right balance between wavy and straight, clean and dirty. - Jon Reyman for Aveda