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Monstrous Beauty at Creatures of the Wind Spring 2013

By Klaudia Tirico / September 7, 2012

When designers reference a character from a Godzilla film for their spring collection, you know the look walking down the runway is going to be major. To compliment printed skirts, boxy jackets, and plenty of color, James Boehmer for NARS and Odile Gilbert for Kerastase created cranberry eyes and origami hair covered in netting - a look nothing short of ordinary.
The hair looked short, but Odile Gilbert would never cut a model’s hair backstage. Instead, she used an origami technique to make it look as if the models had blunt bobs. Hair was combed up from the back to create a “bang” and pieces of hair from each side were crossed over to give the illusion of a stick-straight bob. To top it all off, Odile covered the hair in a net and crisscrossed it around the neck. She used products like Kerastase Nectar Thermique, Elixir Ultime, and Double Force Hairspray.

(all images courtesy of NARS Cosmetics)

With such immaculate structure in the clothes, James Boehmer wanted the makeup to be a bit disheveled. “We kept landing on an idea of the makeup not being too cosmetic and finished,” said James. “She’s a riot girl who does her makeup herself. It’s slashed on.” James created this beautiful cranberry eye using lipstick (Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Damned and Cruella) and blending it with his fingers. To add some luminosity, he added a silver underline on the lower lash line and created ethereal glowing skin. “We didn’t add much powder to the face,” James said. “We liked the idea of being lit from within.” To create the dewy skin, James prepped the skin with Luminous Moisture Cream. He finished the look off with Fire Down Below Lipstick. “It looks like the girls have been making out with someone – bitten, slightly raw,” said James.

To allow the hair and makeup to really stand out, Ana Maria for Essie kept the nails soft. She applied two coats of Topless and Barefoot and sealed it with Matte About You for a matte finish.