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Bangs with a (French) Twist at Prada Spring 2013

By Kaitlyn Dreyling / September 24, 2012


Photo Courtesy of Redken
Guido Palau just showed us (and the world!) how to create a faux pixie with a little twist of the hair at Prada's Spring 2013 show. "The collection is very sophisticated, yet designed to be wearable for a woman in today's times, and Miuccia wanted to 'break the mold' of the hair to match the clothing in this same way," Guido explained. "So we incorporated the idea of the woman being a little bit boyish. Designers always like when a girl's got character, but when you pull an updo like this twist straight back in front it immediately looks very elegant, so adding the wispy bangs helps to break it up a little bit."

Photo Courtesy of Redken

He created the look using Redken products. He started off with Thickening Lotion 06 applied throughout the models' damp hair and rough dried with a blow dryer. After smoothing out the hair with a brush, Guido then sprayed Quick Tease 15 to the roots and backcombed the hair for volume at the crown and texture. He twisted and pinned the hair into a french twist, but kept the ends out and styled them to appear as wispy bangs. He set the look with Forceful 23 hairspray.