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I Tried It: Pastel Purple Hair

By Klaudia Tirico / May 8, 2012

Having such short hair doesn't leave me with many styling options so, naturally, I turn to hair dye when I want to change up my look. The latest technicolor hair trend has had me itching for pastel hair for months. First, I tried Kevin Murphy's COLOR.BUG, and it kept me entertained for a while. I loved being able to color the tips of my bangs pink, purple and even coral, but after a while it wasn't enough. I finally caved and decided to dye my entire head pastel purple. I just couldn't stop coveting all the "My Little Pony" inspired strands that I've seen in editorials and lookbooks - it was bound to happen. 

Blu Salon. Photos by Klaudia Kaczmarek

Over the weekend, I visited Blu Salon in Edgewater, New Jersey and had my good friend, Johanna, who is training to be a stylist, along with Stephanie, one of the salon’s top stylists, give me the purple hue I desired. After taking a tour around the absolutely stunning space, whose celeb clientele includes reality star Coco (of E!'s Ice Loves Coco), I was ready to get the party started. Since my hair was already very light, the process took less time than a haircut. After a quick wash, Johanna painted on Redken Shades Color Gloss, a semi-permanent glaze, in Orchid, a deep violet. After just a few minutes (less than five!) and a quick comb-through, she washed it out, and voila! My hair was the exact shade I wanted it to be - an ashy, pastel purple. I couldn't be more pleased with the result. 

The final look!

Thanks, Johanna, Stephanie and Blu Salon!