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Giorgio Armani Holiday 2011: Bold Lips with Bold Eyes

By Kaitlyn Dreyling / November 18, 2011

We love breaking beauty rules, and Giorgio Armani's newest campaign features Megan Fox sporting the Holiday 2011 with standout lips and smoldering eyes. Clearly, you don't have to just pick one.

In the campaign image above, it's supposed to be all about the Eyes to Kill Stretching Mascara ($30). But what about those crimson lips? Apparently she's wearing Rouge d'Armani #400 ($30) and Gloss d'Armani #504 ($28) - a perfect complement to smoky lids.

This glam shot focuses on metallic eyes using the Mother of Pearl Palette ($59) with the Maestro Liquid Eyeliner ($31) for the winged effect and the Smooth Silk Eye Pencil #4 ($27) along the inner rim. And to complete the dramatic look her lips were topped off with the deep burgundy Rouge d'Armani #406 ($30) with Gloss d'Armani #404 ($28).