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Get the Look: Kate Bosworth's Awesome Braided Faux Hawk

By Klaudia Tirico / November 1, 2013

We always look forward to seeing Kate Bosworth on the red carpet. Her fashion choices and beauty looks always reign supreme. Plus, who could take their eyes of her beautiful bi-colored eyes? Not us! 

Recently, Kate stepped out to attend the premiere of Big Sur and hairstylist Renato Campora truly outdid himself with her hair. The woman rocked this awesome faux hawk made out of rows of braids to complement her chic, black gown. 

“I was inspired by a book of photographs from photographer J.D. 'Okhai Ojeiker," said Renato. "It is full of the most beautiful, sculptural hairstyles I have ever seen.”

We know you're dying to rock this style this weekend, so we just had to share Renato's breakdown of how to get the look.  Trust, as long as you can do a simple braid, this will be a piece of cake. 

Step 1: “I first applied Serge Normant Meta Form Sculpting Pomade to Kate’s hair to make it slick, and easy to braid."

Step 2: "I then separated the hair into three 3” sections – the top and then two sections on the left and right. I brushed the left and right sections down, keeping hair slick and clean, and then joined them together with a small rubber band to create a baby ponytail."

Step 3: "I took the top section and divided it into three parts, and began braiding each piece downward. While I wanted a soft look, I added a bit of height to her hair at the top to make the style more modern. When I reached her neck, I blended the braids into the ponytail I created from the side sections to achieve a seamless look. Using bobby pins, I wrapped the braids against her head in an upward fashion to keep the hair in place.”

What would you wear this style with?