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Better Than a Bouquet: A Tinted Lip Treatment for Rose Lovers

By Wendy Rodewald-Sulz / January 21, 2015

Flowers are always better in theory than they are in real life. Those peonies that look so heavenly on your Pinterest board will wilt when they’re on your desk, and possibly make you sneeze. And too often the gorgeous floral arrangement of your dreams materializes as a sad bouquet from the gas station. 
If it’s the thought that counts, may we suggest a surprise that’s more thoughtful — and useful, too? Fresh has just launched a limited-edition version of its cult favorite balm, the new Sugar Rosé Extreme Lip Treatment ($22.50), and it’s got everything you love about roses — the color, the scent — in a much more practical package. The stick delivers the same sheer, rosy tint as the original with the addition of real rose oil, which makes its texture even creamier and its fragrance more divine. The aluminum tube printed with red roses is pretty cute, too. With a certain romantic holiday coming up, there’s never been a choicer moment to drop a hint.