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The French Manicure is Back – With a Twist

By Klaudia Tirico / February 16, 2015

The '90s have made a huge impact on fashion and beauty trends lately, but we’d never think that the French manicure would make its way back to the nail trend book in 2015. Honestly, we kind of hoped it wouldn’t. But after seeing the nails at Tibi and Tadashi Shoji’s Fall 2015 shows this fashion week, we’ve got the urge to bring back the look once again. 
Sure, we’ve seen variations of the French mani created with different, on-trend color combinations in the past, but can white tips on a nudish-pink base – the classic French mani nail polish hues of choice – totally make a comeback in 2015? It’s possible if nail artists like Jin Soon Choi and Katie Jane Hughes have anything to say about it. 
When describing the nail look at both Tibi and Tadashi Shoji, neither nail artist ever used the words “French manicure,” but their modern interpretation of the look still rings the same bell. 

At Tadashi Shoji, Hughes opted for a “dual-tone look that was whimsical and chic.” The butter LONDON Global Colour Ambassador applied butter LONDON Nail Lacquer in Cotton Buds on the models’ nail tips with a sponge “so the white color fades up diagonally like a cloud.” No harsh white tips here. Instead, she softened the lines with a gold hue (butter LONDON Nail Lacquer in The Full Monty) to blend the colors slightly. 

Jin Soon Choi, on the other hand, stuck with the classic look, but added a small twist at Tibi. Her interpretation of the classic French manicure was described as a “snow-tipped neutral.” She started with JINsoon nail polish in Nostalgia as a base, then painted a curved, horizontal line from the middle to the tips using a new-for-spring 2015 shade called Doux. The look was inspired by the sculptural lines and icy palette of Tibi’s collection. 
Would you try these versions of a French mani this year? We just might.
Images courtesy of JINsoon and butter LONDON.