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Eight Skincare Does a Body Good

By Beauty Blitz / September 25, 2013

No matter what season it is, our skin just can't catch a break. From the sun's harmful rays to winter sweaters' itchy fabrics, there is always something to stress out our birthday suits. Are we right, or are we right? 
Now that autumn is in full swing, it's time to replenish our skin from the endless hours spent in the sun and prep it for the sweater days ahead. Eight Skincare is making the transition super easy thanks to their 4-Step Skin Rejuvenation Kit. Yes, four easy steps are all you need to bring the life back to your beloved epidermis. Here's the scoop.
The brand is known for gently restoring skin with eight, nature-derived ingredients (hence the name). The Skin Rejuvenation Kit features a Creme Body Wash, Sugar Body Scrub, Body Moisture made with aloe vera and argan, monoi, evening primrose, vitamin E, jojoba, avocado and apricot kernel oils. Each ingredient delivers a specific skin benefit to give you a happy and healthy bod. Expect healthy skin turnover, long-lasting hydration, softness, and loads of antioxidants just to name a few. Sold yet? That's not all. 
The kit also includes a Dry Skin Brush that's made to sweep away the top layer of dead skin cells to unclog pores and provide a smoother skin texture before you even hop in the shower. It's super gentle and preps the skin for the body wash, scrub and moisturizer that follow. It even firms and tones! Trust us, you haven't lived until you've experience the benefits of dry brushing. Your skin will thank you. 
At just $85 for the entire kit, consider it the most affordable body facial you've ever gotten. The hardest part is choosing just one of the three delicious scents (Ginger Lime, Lavender and Tangerine) available. But don't take our word for it. Try it yourself! Eight Skincare is offering a special discount code exclusively to Beauty Blitz readers!
Simply enter BeautyBlitz25 at checkout to get 25% off your order. The code is good for a month! 
Presented by Eight Skincare.