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Dog Buns Are the New Man Buns + More of the Week’s Best Links

By Wendy Rodewald-Sulz / March 27, 2015

Photo: via Mashable

Man buns, you’ve met your match. Dog buns — yes, chignons on pups — are the latest Instagram craze. [Mashable]
American Apparel is now airbrushing its models’ nipples and body hair, like pretty much every other retailer does in product shots. And some people aren’t happy about it. [Fashionista]
Get schooled in J curl vs. D curl, “leaning” and more eyelash extension knowledge you never knew existed in this beginner’s guide to the service. [Refinery29]
If you’re as big of a nerd about beauty labs as we are, you have to see these behind the scenes photos of how lipstick is made. [PopSugar]
Speaking of lip color, there’s nothing more fun than using a slider to see what so-called “long-wear“ lipstick looks like at the end of the day vs. the beginning. [Buzzfeed]