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These New Hand-Blended Fragrances are Surprisingly Affordable

By Klaudia Tirico / August 27, 2014

When you think of handmade beauty products, you might expect them to cost more than their large-batch, factory produced counterparts. But that’s not the case with these hand-blended and -poured fragrances from Distillery General. These new scents feature unique notes housed in really cool copper-accented glass bottles. And at just $25 a bottle, you can score all four minus the buyer’s remorse.
The collection was created by Royal Apothic founder Sean O’Mara, who came up with the idea after buying a 20th Century copper still at a car boot sale in London. When he returned home to L.A., O’Mara began distilling natural essential oils, which eventually became this delicious new collection made with locally sourced, raw ingredients from the flower and farmers market. 
The line of artisanal fragrances includes Smokewood, a blend of dry woods like musk, amber, leather and sandalwood, and a floral bouquet of jasmine, lily of the valley, violet and rose; Heirloom, a unique cocktail of heirloom tomatoes and Bulgarian rose (it smells awesome!); Dandelion, a green floral scent mixed with notes of citrus, juicy apple and, of course, dandelion; and Strawberry Vine, a sexy blend of red fruits, amber, vanilla and Tonka bean. 
Distillery General is now available at Anthropologie. Run, don’t walk.