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You’ve Never Seen Skin Art Like This Before + More of the Week's Best Links

By Wendy Rodewald-Sulz / April 11, 2014

An artist with dermatographia, a condition that causes skin to become red and swollen when touched, is using her sensitive skin to make some really cool looking art. [The Atlantic]
Here’s exactly how many minutes you should be napping to boost energy, improve your memory, and jumpstart your creativity. Now, how much naptime will get rid of our undereye circles? [StyleCaster]
Kind of genius: Porn stars reveal their beauty tricks for setting makeup, getting a flawless bikini line and more (don’t worry, they’re PG-13). [Cosmopolitan]

Just in time for the show’s final season premiere, the head of Mad Men’s hair department tells exactly how they come up with the characters’ retro looks. [Buzzfeed]
Forgot to shave today? No sweat. A photographer is aiming to redefine “natural” beauty with a photo series showing women proudly bearing their armpit hair. [Huffington Post]