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A Mermaid-Approved Manicure for Summer

By Wendy Rodewald-Sulz / June 19, 2019

I’m so obsessed with seashells that I actually have one tattooed on my arm, but one place I never thought to wear them is on my nails. If you, too grew up pretending you were Ariel by combing your hair with a fork and swimming with your legs stuck together, mermaid-tail-style, in the pool, then you need to make this Ciaté Shell Manicure set ($25) part of your world. The nail art kit comes with a bottle of glittery, iridescent crushed seashells which are meant to be sprinkled over the complementary polish shade. The effect is a sparkly, textured look that’s like a beachy chic arts and crafts project. I like to wear the shells on an accent nail. 
My favorite combo is the purple Mermaid You Look duo, but the kit also comes in holographic white Wish Upon a Starfish and multicolored pink She Sells Seashells versions. Each kit comes with a handy tray and funnel so you don’t have to make a gigantic mess. Your inner mermaid will be so psyched.