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Camilla Belle's Pink Eyeshadow

Oh, Camilla Belle. Is she gorgeous or what? There is just something about those brows (and everything else) that just makes us swoon. She recently attened the opening of the CH Carolina Herrera Boutique on Rodeo Drive and - get this - she wore pink eyeshadow! Of course, if anyone could rock pink eye, it's Camilla Belle. Makeup artist Brett Freedman was the mastermind behind the look and gives us the scoop on how to recreate it at home. (We love that he calls her Baby C!!) "I was going for an updated Liz Taylor," said Brett. "Camilla had just cut her hair the day before and Bertrand (her hairstylist) wanted to give the hair a tousled, classic wave. Makeup wise, I wanted Camilla to have a very clean, crisp face with minimal makeup that focused on color and texture." Check out Brett's gorgeous face chart of the look! #Stunning.

Get the look with these picks:

  • Camilla Belle's Pink Eyeshadow


    "Baby C has great skin, so I wanted something sheer that had a velvet-y finish," said Brett. "This makes the glisten on the eyes and mouth pop even more."
  • Camilla Belle's Pink Eyeshadow


    "It's hydrating and has great elastin-like give in the hostile eye area. It always looks smooth."
  • Camilla Belle's Pink Eyeshadow


    "I wanted a classic product in there to nod to the timeless vibe on this makeup look," said Brett.
  • Camilla Belle's Pink Eyeshadow


    "Since there was pink around the eyes and on lip, I kept the cheek neutral so as not to compete and 'ground' her look."
  • Camilla Belle's Pink Eyeshadow


    "Baby C's brows are amazing. I gave them a very filled in, classic Hollywood arch for a womanly feel."
  • Camilla Belle's Pink Eyeshadow


    "I used TONS of mascara to give Camilla's lash line ultra-eye popping flutter."
  • Camilla Belle's Pink Eyeshadow

    Individual Lashes

    "A whopping seven on each side to extend and amplify her fringe."
  • Camilla Belle's Pink Eyeshadow


    Brett started with MAC Eyeshadow in Wedge in the crease and outer corner. Then, he used this pink hue on the outer corner of the eye and underneath. "Pinks are difficult to use around the eyes. You don't want to look feverish. My tips: Use concealer on top and bottom to cancel out any redness/darkness. You want the fuchsia to look crisp. Mix with a very pale flesh or snow color to give a dewy finish. This keeps everything looking healthy and fresh." Finally, Brett used MAC Eyeshadow in Crystal Avalanche on the brow bone and tear duct.
  • Camilla Belle's Pink Eyeshadow


    "I love the three pronged applicator tip. I extended her tail just a touch to add drama," he said.
  • Camilla Belle's Pink Eyeshadow

    Lip Prep

    "It's all about priming the lips!"
  • Camilla Belle's Pink Eyeshadow


    "I love the texture of this lipstick. It's hydrating and sheer for an oh-so-modern glaze finish."